Cancellation before delivery

If your order hasn't yet been delivered and you'd like to cancel, we must be be informed as soon as possible before the delivery date. Ideally this should be by phone (in order to stop the delivery happening) and by e-mail (or other durable means) to officially cancel. However, if your order includes personalised requirements, there is no right to cancel.


Cancellation after delivery

Please be aware that if a cancellation is requested after delivery then it would be your responsibility to cover the costs of returning products, which could be deducted from any refund processed. Any refund would then be made in a period not exceeding 30 days.

It is best that you call us in the first instance should you wish to discuss a cancellation. We would also need the cancellation request in writing by post, email ([email protected]).

See Terms & Conditions page for more detailed legal information regarding the cancellation procedure.