Cancellation before delivery

If your order hasn't yet been delivered and you'd like to cancel, we must be be informed as soon as possible before the delivery date. Ideally this should be by phone (in order to stop the delivery happening) and by e-mail (or other durable means) to officially cancel. However, if your order includes personalised requirements, there is no right to cancel.

Cancellation after delivery

It is best that you call us in the first instance should you wish to discuss a cancellation and collection. Many of our suppliers do charge for collections. Please see the list below:

All Fencing products including accessories, Decking and Grow your own ranges.  £30 ( If the order is over £100)  £15 ( If the order is under £100)

Yardmaster metal sheds £36.00

Palram range £30.00 (Please package the goods with care ensuring all parts are secure and the box is taped up well for collection. Should the goods be received back with parts missing or damaged in anyway the collection charge could increase up to 20% of the total value order)

Pro base plastic base kits £36.00

Grow Plus, Shed Plus, Store Plus, all fencing and decking including accessories: £30 ( If the order is over £100)  £15 ( If the order is under £100)

Shed Plus Champion range: Prices for collection on request but could be up to 20% of your total value order. Please note: We will not accept returns on Sheds built as Bespoke to the Customer's request. 

Lotus/ Store more/ Duramax range: Prices on request, Can be up to 20%of your total value order ( Can range depending on weight and size of the product)

Palmako Buildings up to £250.00

All Log Cabins and Garden Rooms up to £250.00

Rowlinsons £30.00 

We will be able to discuss and investigate any other possible charges. We would also require your cancellation request in writing by email:([email protected]).

Charges for cancellation?

In certain situations a charge may be levied for the collection of cancelled goods. Fencestore neither initiates nor profits from any such charges and they are levied at the direct cost for the collection of the goods. If there is a charge for collection, we will notify you as soon as we know. Any charges are retained from the refund returned to customers. 


See section 7 of our Terms & Conditions page for more detailed legal information regarding the Returns procedure.


The product must be in its delivered form and must not have been tampered with in any way.

The product will be inspected on return to ensure that the product has not been tampered with and is complete. If we deem that the product is not of the above standard we shall deduct a reasonable amount to cover any costs to use or return them to you if they are not re-sellable.

Where a refund is to be paid we will usually refund any money received from you using the same method originally used by you to pay for your purchase. We will usually process the refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 days of the day we received your cancellation or the day we confirmed to you via e-mail that you were entitled to a refund for delivery of the defective product.

Any products that are special order, bespoke or purchased in bulk are not subject to the cooling off period.

See Terms & Conditions page for more detailed legal information regarding the cancellation procedure.