Wheelie Bin Storage

Quite often we are forced to store our wheelie bins either in our front or back gardens. Unfortunately, they're quite ugly and can be easily knocked over – spreading your rubbish everywhere. 

Luckily, we have the solution - wheelie bin storage! We can supply a range of wheelie bin storage which can hold one or two wheelie bins, featuring easy lifting lids and large doors. A wheelie bin store will keep your bins cool in summer and have ventilation slats – to allow nasty niffs to escape. Available made from either plastic or timber.

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Refine search Comparisons (3)

  • Should I Buy a Plastic or Wooden Wheelie Bin Store?

This is the question: timber or plastic?

You may want to choose a wooden bin store if you want something which is more likely to blend in with your garden. Quite often the rustic-styling can look strangely attractive in your garden setting. A wooden store is also less noisy when it rains at night.

If you're after something a little more light weight and portable, then plastic is the option for you. These bin stores tend to last longer, are extremely easy to clear with a hose and are practically maintenance free.

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