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  1. Late Summer Garden Jobs to Prepare for Your Autumn Garden

    Late Summer Garden Jobs to Prepare for Your Autumn Garden

    The calendar says that the school hols are wearing thin and September beckons. There are also changes in the garden; a few bits and bobs done now will ensure a better garden as we face into autumn and the inevitable great weather once the schools go back!

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  2. Top 5 Garden Workshops and Why to Buy One

    Top 5 Garden Workshops and Why to Buy One

    A garden workshop is a wonderful thing to own and you need to buy one. Yes, I know you’ve heard the sales patter before, but hear me out and I’ll tell you what makes workshop sheds unique. 

    A Place for DIY 

    Do you like DIY? You do? Well, picture owning your own little wood workshop. Far lighter, airier and easier to access than a garage, a timber shed offers you the perfect working environment. What’s more, unlike in the house, there’s no harm in leaving a few wood-shavings or tins of paint on the floor. You can please yourself when you put your knick-knacks away

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  3. Your Guide to a Garden Makeover

    Your Guide to a Garden Makeover

    We’re all guilty of neglecting certain aspects of home life from time to time: piles of clothes waiting to be ironed grow exponentially, dirty dishes cover kitchen worksurfaces, and once treasured books and photos sit gathering dust at an alarming rate.

    One area particularly prone to rapid deterioration is, of course, our gardens. Popular excuses from owners of offensive outdoor spaces include ‘I haven’t got the time’, ‘it’s not worth the money’, and ‘the pub has a perfectly good garden, and it serves beer’. Okay, maybe I haven’t heard the last one, but you know what I mean; surely, this unsavoury trend has got to be stopped?

    A couple of weekends and a small budget will see your outdoor space transformed.

    Whether you’ve never attempted to maint

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  4. How to Keep a Hanging Basket Happy

    How to Keep a Hanging Basket Happy

    A hanging basket will cheer up any wall with masses of flowers and even veg. With strong fixings, sturdy brackets and a few gardening tips and tricks, your baskets can last well into autumn. 

    Colourful hanging baskets on walls

    Top Tips for a Happy Hanging Basket: 


    It is safe to hang baskets up now as frost is a near memory

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  5. Barbecue Ideas in Time for The World Cup

    Barbecue Ideas in Time for The World Cup

    Tuning into the radio during your morning commute to work, you’re guaranteed to hear ‘Three Lions’ or ‘Vindaloo’ blaring out of your speakers. The whole country has caught World Cup fever. The St. George’s Cross is everywhere to be seen, from the bunting draped around local pubs, to the flags dangling out of bedroom windows and cars. England’s 6-1 win over Panama was greeted by mass hysteria, street parties, and hushed whispers full of belief that ‘this is our year’.

    Adding to the excitement and elevated mood, the whole country is currently basking in the glory of a heatwave. Temperatures are soaring towards 30°C, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and the harsh winter has been long forgotten.

    How then, do we make the most of this wondrous time? Well, as any Brit knows, summer is for barbecues, b

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  6. Contemporary Summer Houses

    Contemporary Summer Houses

    Take a casual stroll along the main high street of any British town today and you’ll be greeted by a sea of sunburnt faces, beer gardens at full capacity, and a whole host of questionable fashion choices. Venture around the suburbs and you’re bound to encounter the smell of freshly cut grass wafting through the air, spy smoke rising from a neighbour’s barbecue, and hear children happily splashing in a paddling pool.

    Two people clinking beer bottles together and blue crocs on a sandy beach

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  7. Garden Buildings Forever

    Garden Buildings Forever

    A recent visit to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show proved, if proof was ever needed, that the correct garden building structure in the right garden is a must. OK, I didn’t spot many 6x4 dip treated apex roof sheds knocking about in the main avenue show gardens, but with a little imagination, every garden, show or otherwise, could have a gold medal look. 

    Now I’m not privy to how much the show gardens and their buildings cost, but I’ll wager that most cost a small fortune. But I’ll also bet that a gorgeous summerhouse such as Champion Summerhouse would fit in seamlessly into your own plot. A

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  8. A Garden Table and Chairs Suitable for Every Occasion

    A Garden Table and Chairs Suitable for Every Occasion

    Here at Fencestore, we are passionate about everything to do with gardens. At this time of year, one of the things that excites us most is garden furniture and the prospect of alfresco dining. That heady mixture of delicious, freshly cooked food; a glass or two of something sparkling; quality time with family and friends; sunshine (okay…and showers); and being at one with nature, all in the comfortable surroundings of the garden. It really does take some beating, doesn’t it?  

    If you know Fencestore already, you won’t be surprised to learn that we stock a fantastic range of outdoor furniture. What you might not know is that we believe alfresco dining is such an important part of the Great British summertime experience that we stock a

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  9. Inspirational Garden Decking Ideas

    Inspirational Garden Decking Ideas

    Decking boards really are a great way to revamp a garden. Made from timber, they will perfectly complement both their natural and manmade surroundings, whilst at the same time adding more than just a touch of contemporary style. Pressure-treated, once set in place they will never need retreating, providing a garden space that requires minimal maintenance and leaving more time for you to enjoy the finer things in life. What’s more, garden decking is exceptionally versatile and can transform a previously-overlooked outdoor area into one as eye-catching and exciting as your imagination permits. Take a look at some of these incredibly inspiring garden decking ideas and then click here to realise your very own garden decking dream.

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  10. Top 10 Reasons to Grow Your Own

    Top 10 Reasons to Grow Your Own

    Everyone loves a bit of GYO. Even one or two crops from a pot near your back door allows you to claim great gardening mythical status. There are other reasons to grow your own, of course:

    There are many good reasons to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

    1. Fresh

    Forget food miles as you are now in food me

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