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  1. Arbours, Arches and Pergolas

    Arbours, Arches and Pergolas

    Garden pergolas, arches and arbours are all wonderful additions to any outdoor space. Rustic arches make beautiful entranceways for paths, or dividers between the sections of your garden. A stately pergola provides shade and shelter from the weather whilst hosting a barbecue or gathering. An arbour provides a secluded spot in which one can relax and enjoy spending time outdoors.

    Arbours, arches and pergolas

    With a myriad of both traditional and modern designs available, any garden can house one of these impressive structures. Though eye-catching features in their own right, it is possible to

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  2. Cold Frames: Big School Beckons in the Garden

    Cold Frames: Big School Beckons in the Garden

    A coldframe can either be your plants’ first protection or an extension of your greenhouse. Either way, cold frames are invaluable in a garden.

    In essence, a coldframe is a wooden box with a see-through lid. It is used to help keep excess rain and moisture off plants as they grow up. It also keeps a few degrees of frost off plants, cuttings and seedlings. You can actually heat them, but then it isn’t a coldframe. It’s a warm frame.

    A coldframe usually sits on a hard surface. It’s best to buy one with as much height as possible. This allows you to grow taller plants and use it for longer cuttings. The see-through lid part can be horticultural glass or Perspex. Only you know how good your aim is at football, cricket and other shattering garden sports.

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  3. Different Uses for Trellis

    Different Uses for Trellis

    Available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles, trellis is suitable to support a wide range of flowering plants, fruit and vegetables. In fact, it is the perfect way of bringing together the manmade and natural elements of your garden. Whether your main aim is supporting the growth of your climbers, forming a low-level boundary, or disguising the unsightly elements of your garden, trellis makes a beautiful way to improve almost any outdoor feature. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the many uses of trellis in the garden.

    Trellis to Support Climbers

    The first purpose that most of us would associate with trellis is that it is a way of supporting climbers. Take a look at the beautiful picture of the purple clematis to the left and it’s not hard to see why. But the visible attraction of supporting climbers, o

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  4. 5 Top Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Fence

    5 Top Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Fence

    Brave the cold for a moment and step outside into your garden. Now, look at your fence. Does it look a little worse for wear? We’re all guilty of neglecting our gardens from time to time, but fences especially seem to be often forgotten. The cost of replacing an entire row of fencing can be considerable, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a large garden. So, in order to prolong the life of your wooden fence panels, here’s a short list of five tips to help you out a little bit.

    1.       Gravel Boards

    Seen by some as an extra expense, don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need gravel boards. You do. Gravel boards will protect the bottom of your fence panels from moisture on the ground.

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  5. 5 Top Tips for Helping Your Fence Survive the Snow

    5 Top Tips for Helping Your Fence Survive the Snow

    After last week’s heavy snowfall, and with the forecast of more to come, it’s important to make sure that your fence is properly prepared. After all, few other things will be quite as exposed to this harsh weather, and a small amount of work now will help avoid larger and costlier jobs further down the line. So, without further ado, here are our five top tips for helping your garden fence survive the snow:

    A Wooden Fence in Good Repair

    1. Fix the existing damage – As we enter the new year, Mother Nature is at its fiercest and your fence needs to be in tip-top shape to withstand the onslaught. When snow and ice build up on top of your fence, the increased weight will put pressure on the whole s

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  6. Front Garden Fencing Ideas for You

    Front Garden Fencing Ideas for You

    We’ve all heard the saying that first impressions count and the same goes for our homes. When it comes to where we live, it’s called kerb appeal. As the postman walks up your front path, visitors pull into your driveway or that dog walker wanders past, your front garden is what gives your house its first layer of kerb appeal. Part of that impression is your front garden fence.

    Whether you have a low fence or a taller more compact fence depends on the level of privacy you want for your front garden. Do you mind passers-by seeing you relaxing in your garden? Would a 3ft fence give strangers too good a view straight into your kitchen? Perhaps for security reasons you want an impenetrable fence line, securing your garden from all but those you invite in. Well, here are a few ideas to help you decide what garden fence is best for your front garden.


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  7. The Invaluable Garden Storage Box

    The Invaluable Garden Storage Box

    There are certain things in life that we tend to take for granted. Their usefulness almost becomes second nature to us and, perhaps unfairly, we never give them the real credit they deserve. However, if one of these ‘unsung heroes’ was suddenly taken away from us, we’d instantly appreciate its value and wonder how we ever managed without it. Think about the microwave, the satnav, the fleece jacket, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Well, for the uninitiated amongst you, at the very top of this list is the garden storage box.  

    4' x 2' (1.46 x 0.73m) Sun

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  8. How to Repair the Felt on My Shed Roof

    How to Repair the Felt on My Shed Roof

    It’s that time of year when rain, wind and snow are the main features of every day. It is also the time when you suddenly realise you forgot to repair your shed’s roof felt that was flapping around over the summer. The job is now even more urgent as the weather worsens.

    Don’t worry. We are here to help.


    Patch it up?

    It may seem easier and quicker to just patch up a hole, gap or rip in the felt. However, in the long run, it will just lead to more work. The edges of the patch and original damage will remain susceptible to the worsening weather. You will, inevitably, be dragging the ladder out again.

    If you do decide to patch the felt, make sure you place the patch under the torn section of felt and secure both the patch and the original felt in place with appropriate sealant such as roof and gutter sealant.


    Out with the old

    If you decide that an all-over job is a better

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  9. How to Repair a Wooden Fence

    How to Repair a Wooden Fence

    Most things require a bit of TLC in order to continue doing their job effectively and stay looking their best - the garden fence is no exception. The weather, soil, garden pests, rot and (of course) games of football can all play their part in shortening the life of a wooden fence. Fortunately, panels, posts and rails are all relatively easy to repair, which will save expenditure on fence replacement, including fence installation costs.

    As with any job, the most important thing to consider beforehand is safety, so:

    • Enlist the help of a friend or family member
    • Wear protective clothing
    • If coming into contact with concrete, thoroughly wash any exposed skin as soon as the job is complete
    • Use a stiff brush to clean any tools (because they need looking after too)

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  10. The Many Benefits of Wheelie Bin Storage

    The Many Benefits of Wheelie Bin Storage

    When it comes to thinking about the garden, whether planning enjoyable projects or carrying out essential maintenance, it’s fair to say that wheelie bins are not the first thing on most people’s minds. Viewed as a necessary eyesore and something to be tolerated rather than enjoyed, the good old British wheelie bin is not the most loved and thought-about garden fixture. What’s more, in these more environmentally conscious times, most, if not all, properties have a minimum of two wheelies to contend with. If not properly managed, this can cause unwitting householders a real headache.

    So, what can be done to combat potential wheelie woes and dustbin dilemmas? The answer is simple: purchase a wheelie bin store. Here are some of the many benefits of such storage, including a handy link to help choose the ideal wheelie bin storage unit.

    Great to look at

    There’s nothing as unsightly as a wheelie bin. After admiring that newl

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