Top 5 Garden Workshops and Why to Buy a Workshop Shed

A Garden Workshop is so much more than just a big shed. Read on to find out more about what a workshop can do for you.

A workshop shed offers more space than the average shed. It provides great opportunities. Have a look at our ideas below and then explore our Top 5 Garden Workshops.

Why Buy a Garden Workshop?

Super Storage

This is the obvious benefit of a workshop: a workshop can store so much more than a shed. Get the clutter out of the house and neatly organised into a garden workshop. With lots of security options available, all those hoarded items will be dry and safe.

A DIY Destination

A garden workshop offers space to manoeuvre comfortably while you work. Plus, there is room for the work tables and equipment storage you need. Make sure you choose a workshop with windows for a better working environment.

A Home Business Base

Running a business from home can often lead to papers and equipment invading the living area. Transform a garden workshop into a home office and you’ll be far more productive. This is particularly suited to practical businesses.

The Hobbyist’s Hideaway

For a potter’s wheel, a train set or a craft enthusiast, a workshop shed can become a sanctuary for pursuing much loved hobbies. Privacy, quiet and dedicated space to enjoy what makes you happy!

Our Top 5 Garden Workshop Sheds

14′ x 8′ Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Workshop with Log Store

14x8 Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Workshop with Log Store

Handmade in the UK from the highest quality Nordic white spruce, this Shed-Plus Heavy Duty Workshop Shed comes pressure-treated and with a fantastic 15-year guarantee. Plus, no re-treatment is required – saving both time and money.

The spacious interior is supplemented by a large side overhang and 3ft log store, providing even greater sheltered storage room.

A tongue and groove roof and floor, 2 large openable windows, and a lockable, heavy-duty door ensure that this ‘Champion’ garden workshop really does live up to its name.

15′ x 10′ Windsor Overlap Modular Workshop

15x10 Windsor Overlap Modular Workshop

This Windsor Overlap Modular Workshop comes dip-treated and with an excellent 10-year guarantee. With its solid sheet floor and roof, this workshop shed provides complete protection from the elements.

The wide double doors can be secured by padlock to ensure your prized possessions remain protected. A bank of windows stretch the entire length of one side of the workshop, providing the interior with an abundance of natural light.   

14′ x 10′ Shire Bison Heavy Duty Double Door Wooden Workshop

14x10 Shire Bison Heavy Duty Double Door Workshop

The Shire Bison Heavy Duty Workshop offers the perfect balance between practicality and charm.

Constructed from top-quality tongue and groove cladding, backed by a 10-year guarantee and with lockable double doors, this workshop shed is unquestionably premium-quality and offers stored items outstanding protection.

Furthermore, the elegant apex roof, decorative finial and opening Georgian-style windows provide a touch of luxury, making this garden workshop a wonderful place to work. 

16′ x 10′ Windsor Groundsman Workshop Shed

16x10 Windsor Groundsman Wooden Workshop Shed

Designed as a place to work in the garden with plenty of room to spare for storage, the Groundsman Workshop Shed from Windsor has high eaves and double doors to allow provision for good access and working conditions.

This superior garden workshop is constructed with robust and attractive tongue and groove shiplap cladding and features a complement of fixed windows – including one to each side of the doors. A wonderful space in which to work.

12′ x 8′ Shed-Plus Champion Barnstyle Workshop

12x8 Forest Champion Barnstyle Workshop

The attention to every detail during the design and construction of the Shed-Plus Champion Barnstyle Shed is highlighted by the decorative, heavy duty door hinges and cottage style opening windows.

The reverse apex layout provides plenty of room for work tables. The high quality ledged and braced door is fitted with heavy duty, powder coated hinges and a lock and key system to keep all equipment secure.

Constructed from tongue and groove throughout, this garden building is both robust and attractive. It is also pressure treated to offer 15 years protection from rot and fungal damage. There is no need to apply annual treatments to this building.

Now that you know why you need a workshop shed and have seen some of the exciting designs available, explore all the garden workshops available at Fencestore today.

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